Sending Mail Anonymously

Sending Mail Anonymously

Send your mail through Joh Doe Mail, so it bears genuine UK post-marks and tells the recipent you have a UK presence, without revealing your real location. 


Why send mail through your mailbox? Ebay, Amazon distribution, to give the impression and presence of being in the UK. These are many reasons that customers use our service at John Doe Mail.


  • How to send your mail via John Doe Mail

    1. Package individual mail item(s) as normal and affix address label (BUT DO NOT AFFIX STAMPS).


    2. Put individual mail item(s) in a larger enevelope or package. Affix stamps to outer enevlope that is addressed to your John Doe Mailbox. 


    3. Send to your John Doe Mailbox.


    John Doe Mail then open the outer enevelope/packaging and attach UK stamps to the item(s) before posting or shipping depeneding on the item size.


    We deduct the cost of postage + a handling fee (letter - £1.00, large letter - £1.50, Small Parcel - £2.00, Medium Parcel - £4.00, Large Parcel - £6.00 and Largest Parcel - £9.00 from your account balance. 


    If you don't have an account with ourselves, we charge a flat fee of £10 plus the cost of postage which is payable upfront before the item is recieved by John Doe Mail.