Parcel Storage

Parcel Storage

Our Parcel Storage gives you a discrete storage solution for parcels ranging from small sized parcels to large sized parcels and then forwarding them at a convenient date.


Small and Medium Sized Parcels are held free for the first 48 hours and then charged after this period. These charges are then normally deducted from your credit. Please ensure you have enough credit if you are expecting a small or medium sized parcel that you want stored. 


Large and Largest Sized Parcels are charged from £8 per day from the moment the parcel arrives at our address. 


Our parcel storage service address allows you to receive parcels at our discreet location, store them for a period of time and then have them forwarded anywhere in the UK or internationally when convenient.


This can also be very useful if you are going on holiday or travelling or working away from home or are overseas.


Our parcel storage service for parcels allows us to receive your parcels and then have them forwarded worldwide to an address of your choosing – anywhere in the UK or Worldwide when convenient.


Note:  This is an Add-On service to any of our Mailbox & Mail Forwarding Services.  This service is not available as a stand-alone service and is intended for short-term storage only.