Money - Cost - Prices


Service Fees

This is the charge to set up and manage your mailbox. We offer a 3 month service, 6 month service or our most popular, a 12 month service.

3 Months

Ideal whilst moving home or whilst testing out our services. This costs £120 service fee including £20 postage or scanning credit.

6 Months

This service costs £200 including £20 postage or scanning credit.

12 Months

Our most popular and cost effective option costing £300 including £20 postage or scanning credit.

Scanning Costs

Per A4 side scanned costs 20 pence which will be deducted from your scanning credit. We also scan the front of the envelope and send a copy of this with the scanned document free of charge. Once your credit gets below £5, John Doe Mail will notify you by email, giving you plenty of warning to top up your scanning credit to ensure that all mail gets scanned and received by yourself in a timely manner. Topping up your scanning credit can be done by a variety of methods.

Postage of Forwarding Mail and Parcels

Mail and Parcels will be forwarded by Royal Mail (in the UK) or Airmail (Outside of UK). This will be charged at the Royal Mail/Airmail rate x 2 and any envelopes or wrapping materials used. We use a Track & Sign service when available, for outside the UK. Inside the UK, your mail will be sent First Class by Royal Mail. You are able to request an alternative mail service if you wish.

Handling Charges for Forwarding Mail and Parcels

We apply a small charge for each parcel we receive and process for you. These handling charges cover signing for if necessary, identifying, sorting, storing whilst on premises, consolidating before packing ready for forwarding.

Letter: Free of charge

Large Letter (35.3cmx25cmx2.5cm) : 50 pence

Small Parcel (up to 2kg, no larger than 45cmx35cmx16cm): £2.00

Medium Parcel (up to 20kg, no larger than 61cmx46cmx46cm): £4.00

Large Parcel (up to 30kg, no larger than 1.5x3m): £10.00

Largest Parcel (up to 50kg): £25.00

Arrangement for a courier: £5.00 which will be added to the courier’s fee. The courier’s fee needs to be paid in advance of postage.

Parcel Storage Costs

All small and medium sized parcels are stored for free for a period of 48 hours. Large and Largest sized parcels are charged for as soon as they arrive at our address. 

For Small Sized Parcels under 2kg in weight and no larger then 45cmx35cmx16cm John Doe Mail charges £2.50 per day after the first 48 hours. For storage deals on Small Sized Parcels, Click Here.

For Medium Sized Parcels from 45cmx35cmx16cm to 61cmx46cmx46cm and no heavier than 20kg, John Doe Mail charges £5.00 per day after the first 48 hours.

For Large Sized Parcels weighing between 20kg to 30kg or larger than 61cmx46x46cm, John Doe Mail charges £8.00 per day from the moment the parcel arrives at our address.

For Largest Sized Parcel, weighting between 30kg to 50kg, John Doe Mail charges £20 per day from the moment the parcel arrives at our address.

If we are not notified of your delivery of large or largest sized parcels, John Doe Mail remains at liberty to refuse your parcel. Please notify us here

Value Added tax

No VAT is applied to any of our charges at present.


Simply…..we do not charge surcharges. If your account does not have enough credit available then we will advise you to top up your credit, if your credit hasn’t been topped up within 7 working days then your service will be put on hold . We will contact you via email and phone to advise to top up your account. We contact you via email as soon as your credit has gone below £5 so you are always aware of when you need to top up your credit.

Anonymous Posting of Parcels and Mail

For those without an account, we charge a flat fee of £10.00 plus cost of postage. You pay the £10.00 fee upfront. We then provide you with our postage address. Once we have received the mail/parcel from you, we will ascertain the cost of postage to the final destination and invoice you for payment before dispatching the mail/parcel once payment of invoice has been made.

For those with an account with John Doe Mail. We deduct the cost of postage + a handling fee (handling fee's are: letter - £1.00, large letter - £1.50, Small Parcel - £2.00, Medium Parcel - £4.00, Large Parcel - £6.00 and Largest Parcel - £9.00 from your account balance. 

Unsolicited Visitors

Whilst a very rare occurrence, we have had bailiffs, collection agents, the police, council officials and even the odd customer of our customers turning up at our residential addresses. If an unsolicited visitor should call looking for you, we will apply a surcharge of £20 to deal with the caller which will be deducted from your account balance, if you do not have enough in your account balance, you will receive notification and an invoice from ourselves. If the invoice is not paid within 7 working days, your service may be put on hold until the invoice is paid.