Mailbox Features


P.O. Box Alternatives

Why a Mail Forwarding and Scanning Facility from John Doe Mail may be a better solution for your needs?

Why choose a Mail Forwarding service from John Doe Mail rather than a P.O. Box?

Your address will appear as a legitimate postal address – you won’t be limited to a number or a suite number.

We can forward your mail anywhere in the world – as frequently as you need or we can scan and email your mail to you at your preferred email address.

We accept deliveries from any courier, so you don’t need to worry about signed-for packages arriving when you are not around. We can hold onto these for you or forward them onto another address for you.

Send Mail Anonymously

John Doe Mail can send your mail anonymously anywhere in the world. Or send mail through your John Doe Mailbox, so it bears genuine UK post-marks and tells people you have a UK presence, without revealing your real location wherever that may be. 

Mailbox Without a Box or Suite Number

John Doe Mail does not use Box Numbers, Suite number, Account Numbers, Flat Numbers or similar which the majority of our competitors do such as MBE. We offer a variety of genuine U.K addresses.

Your mail is addressed to you personally, at our address.

  • No Box Numbers

  • No Account Numbers

  • No ‘Suite’ Numbers

We offer a personal address at a real location in the UK. Our address is a genuine UK address, that is secure and private.

Anonymous Mail Forwarding Service

Anonymous UK Mailbox and International Mail Forwarding Service.

John Doe Mail offer an anonymous UK Mailbox and International Mail Forwarding Service – Send and Receive Mail 100% Anonymously.

We also Send and Receive Packages aswell as Mail worldwide.

John Doe Mail Features:

  • Setup in less than 24 hours

  • Variety of Payment Options

  • Anonymity Guarantee

  • Residential UK Address

  • Custom Mailbox Addresses

  • Ideal for Individuals

  • Nominee Director/Shareholder 

  • Send & Receive Mail

  • Packages and Parcels

  • Items Requiring a Signature

  • UK & International Parcels & Mail

  • Next Day Mail Dispatch

  • Privacy Guarantee

  • Security Guarantee

Personal Mail Scan and Email Service

John Doe Mail will discreetly receive your personal mail, scan it and email it to you.

Our Personal Mail Scan and Email Service gives you a discrete UK correspondence address for mail and is an ideal way of gaining a confidential address without expensive overheads.

Personal Mail Address

Looking for a discrete Personal Mail Address – Choose John Doe Mail.

The main benefits of using our anonymous personal address is that it will help to keep your residential address private. It is also very useful if you are travelling overseas or if you are without a permanent residential address at present. Our personal mail forwarding service allows us to receive your personal mail and have it forwarded worldwide to an address of your choosing – anywhere in the UK or Worldwide.

Our service at John Doe Mail is designed to be discreet. Your home address and personal details are kept completely confidential so your home can be protected safe and secure from unwanted cold callers or prying eyes and free from junk mail.